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Corporate and Team Building
Hen & Stag

Placed into teams your aim is to locate as many clues and codes hidden throughout the woodland with the aid of a map, compass, clues and coordinates. Don't be fooled. This is no easy stroll through the woods!! Be prepared to be tested both mentally and physically.



Choose From:


The Cannon & Curry Hunt
The endurance treasure hunt – After the physical warm up over our popular assault course your aim is to seek and find the riddles to piece together the puzzle, or in this case the cannon. You will need to retrieve the cannon parts to place them together. When you think you have won, don’t be fooled, put together your hard work and run the cannon to victory. Reward your team with end of event curry! Vegetarian option available.



Cheese and Wine Treasure Hunt
After the physical warm up over our popular assault course your team will trek throughout the hilly woodland searching for clues and codes but keep your eye on the prize!  Winning team enjoys a reward of cheese and wine but be warned.  The losing team faces the dreaded bush tucker trial!

Pizza and Pop Treasure Hunt
One for the kids!  Anything adults can do kids can do better!  Enjoy hunting and getting muddy throughout the woodland and hilled terrain for clues and codes.  As a reward for your efforts your event will finish off with kids all time favorite – Pizza and Pop!





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